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Affiliation changes for 2023-24

The FA has introduced a new system to standardise the affiliation process.

Affiliation for the upcoming season will open on Monday 12th June, and will be processed through Club Portal, instead of through the Whole Game System.

Affiliation for Oxfordshire Teams is due to open on Monday 12th June, but you can log into Club Portal now to prepare for your affiliation by clicking on the link below. To log in, use your email address and the same password that you use for Whole Game System or your FA Account.


To help prepare for these changes, you can do the following to ensure you are prepared for affiliation:

  • Familiarise yourself with using the Club Portal to process your Club Administration (excluding Discipline which is still on Whole Game System).
  • Make a list of your key Club Officials - clubs are required to state their key officials in their affiliation.
  • Check the qualifications of your Club and Team Officials – are they up to date?
  • Every team must have a minimum of one Manager or Coach. Your Manager or Coach can be listed ahead of affiliation on the ‘Officials’ tab.
  • Team Grounds (NEW) - It is a requirement for all teams to state their main home ground. You can do this ahead of affiliation through the ‘My Club’ tab.

We would also like to remind all clubs that the closing date for entering all Oxfordshire FA County Cup competitions is Sunday 30th July.

If you are a new club for the 2023/24 season, please email to be set-up on Club Portal, providing your club name and details of your principal Club Officers.

To help you through the affiliation process, we have created a guidebook, which can be downloaded here.

For any questions on affiliation, please contact