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CPD / In-Service

Learning and development is an active, continuous process.

It's a journey that never ends...

...and one that is shaped by experiences and learning opportunities gathered anywhere, anytime.

To support your journey, The FA provides a range of learning opportunities for you to engage with. From events in your region to online resources to in-situ mentoring, you can access the development support that will make the biggest impact to you and your role.

Upcoming CPD Events

Utilising the England DNA, this workshop will explore game based practices to challenge players with their physical and technical development in order to allow them to prepare for the long season ahead. Utilising a team of adult players, we will explore in possession work including the development of support play off the ball for the team/group in possession.

Find out more and book your free space on this event, here.

This session will provide an introduction to Futsal, its background and how it can be used to enhance player development.

The session will provide:

  • An introduction to Futsal and benefits of playing the game
  • Discussions and demonstrations to how Futsal links to game formats
  • A showcase of Futsal as an indoor game & training tool to aid young player development
  • Coaches opportunity to interact, observe, reflect  and ask questions
  • Observation of a practical session with a youth team or opportunity to participate in Futsal
  • Q and A review

Find out more and book your free space on this event, here.

A new concept we are trying for the 2018-19 season is to assist coaches in behaviour management as a whole, incorporating parents, players and coaches as a whole and how we can improve behaviour within the game.

Find out more and book your free space on this event, here.

The session will look at the tactical aspects of different formations and styles of play when a team is out of possession. We will look at the implications of formations when switching from in possession to out of possession and the impact of the transitions between the two.

Find out more and book your free space on this event, here.


Frequently asked questions about CPD events and additional learning.

If you're an FA Level 1 or 2 learner, continuous professional development hours are optional and so there is no longer a requirement for licensing .

If you're a UEFA qualified coach, however, you are required to complete 15 hours of CPD every three years to maintain your licence, which The FA recommends is best achieved by completing 5 hours per season.

Absolutely. The FA runs events all over the country and for all levels. To explore events please visit the national CPD events page.

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