Dave Tutton

Q&A with OFA Board Chair David Tutton

Oxfordshire FA Board Chair David Tutton lays out his vision after returning to the Board.

We recently sat down for a quick Q&A session with Oxfordshire FA Board Chair David Tutton to find out why he has come back to the organisation, and what his plans are to help us ensure everyone in our county has the chance to take part in football.

What encouraged you to come back onto the OFA Board and become Chair again?

"I saw an opportunity to rejoin the Association after 4 years away. I could see a disconnect with the membership and stakeholders, and wanted to improve the process going forward."

What is your vision for the OFA as we start to develop our new four-year strategic plan from 2024 to 2028?

"I am looking to continue to develop and prioritise our commitment to deliver the best we can for our membership, partners and volunteers involved in football in Oxfordshire. I also aim to deliver services and initiatives which inspire people to take part in football and ensure there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.

"We will engage more with our volunteers by appointing Participation Committees to work alongside the Board/Staff member, ensuring volunteers get the most out of themselves and the organisations they work with.

"We will be taking a proactive approach in everything we do, and have open and transparent decision making processes and procedures."

What are your hopes for the season ahead?

"My hopes are that we continue the good work that all the Board and staff have produced. We are committed to delivering a better service and build a better County FA in line with our expectations, and fulfil the aspirations of all our members to put us in a strong position to be amongst the top County FAs in the country.

"After the fantastic work that was put in to achieving the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard for Sport, we are looking to go further in our ambition to ensure we are accessible to all members of the community. We will also look to refresh the Board and, as mentioned earlier, create Participation Committees to further improve relationships with our stakeholders.

"Overall, we are looking to deliver a first class customer experience for all participants in local football, and serve the game with respect and trust.

"A large part of that is by rewarding our fantastic volunteers who contribute so much at grassroots level.

"I am hopeful that our members will continue to see a revitalised County FA and join us in moving our organisation forward for a better future for all."