The FA Coach Mentor Programme

Booking open for November CPD workshops

We’re hosting two workshops in November as part of our Coach Development programme.

These two workshops are aimed at coaches across a range of qualifications.

Benefits of Small Sided Games – Thursday 10th November 2022 (7:30-9:30pm)

Join the Grassroots Coach Development team for a session where they will demonstrate examples of small-sided games and how they can be used to benefit the development of your players. They will share a range of both in and out of possession small sided games designed to help develop more skilful players.

Questions this workshop will focus on

  •  Why should I do small sided games in my sessions?
  • How do small sided games link to the FA 4 Corner Model?
  • How small sided games can help further develop our players?

What can coaches expect to take away?

  • Some example practices that they could use to support them with this topic. 
  • An understanding of the benefits of small sided games to aid progress and the development of skilful players.
  • An insight into utilising constraints/practice considerations within small sided games to support players skill progression.

Are there any tasks to complete ahead of the event?

  • Watch the 90 second video.
  • Prepare and bring a small-sided game that you may use in one of your sessions.


Introduction to Coaching Workshop 2: Connecting with your players - Monday 14th November (6:30-8:30pm)

This workshop will aim to give coaches a further understanding of working with their players, and how to better connect with them to make sessions more effective.

It will explore ideas and activities to help develop a better connection, and demonstrate how peer-to-peer support can be used to further increase this.

This workshop will also explore the role parents can play in connecting with players.


For more information on CPD or for any queries, please contact James Shiplee on