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#GetIntoFootball campaign

Following on from the last #GetIntoFootball campaign, we're relaunching the initiative to further promote football opportunities across Oxfordshire.

We're always striving to ensure everybody in Oxfordshire, no matter their age, gender, ability, has an opportunity to get involved in the beautiful game.

We're relaunching the #GetIntoFootball campaign across social media to direct people to opportunities to take part in football across the county.

If you're looking for an opportunity to be involved, click the links below to find opportunities near you.

Adult Male 11v11adult male

This is the traditional 11v11 game played on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. As long as you're 16+ and want to play we're sure we've got the right opportunities for you to get started.





Adult Female 11v11Adult Female

With Women's Football growing at such an exceptional rate, there has never been a better time to get involved. There are opportunities to play the traditional 11v11 format across Oxfordshire, with games typically taking place on a Sunday afternoon. As long as you're 16 or over, there are chances for you to get playing.




Youth (12-18 year olds)youth male

 Across the county we have three dedicated youth football leagues where teams from U13s to U18s can thrive; combining regular weekend football with all the fun and passion associated with playing the game we all love. We can help you find your local opportunity!





Youth Female (12-18 year olds)youth female

We have the fast-growing Oxfordshire Girls Football League in the county that provides football for girls teams from Under 8s through to Under 18s. If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved get in touch.





Mini Soccer (5-11 year olds)mini soccer boys

The journey starts here. Whether you're a parent helping your son or daughter to get started on their journey in football, or a young player ready to take the next step on your football adventure, we're sure we've got the right opportunities in Oxfordshire to help you achieve your dreams!

We have three dedicated leagues offering opportunities for players U7 and upwards!




Weetabix Wildcats (Girls 5-11 year olds)wildcats

The Weetabix Wildcats programmes aim is to give girls the opportunity to try football for the very first time while playing with other girls their own age. Most importantly, Weetabix Wildcats is all about having loads of fun and meeting new amazing friends. We have a number of centres across the county so come give it a try!




Inclusive Football (Youth and Adult)inclusive youth

There's never been a better time to get involved and play football, whatever your ability level with more opportunities than ever to play football if you have a disability. There are many inclusive football opportunities available that are suitable for all; regardless of your learning or physical disability. For more information get in touch and we will help you find your nearest opportunity.




Veterans (Male 35+ year olds)vets

It's never too late to pull on your boots Whether you're just starting out, or a veteran of the game we're confident we can help you find an opportunity for you. We have two 11v11 leagues in Oxfordshire, the 35+ midweek league and 50+ that is predominately played on Sundays.





Walking Football (Men and Women aged 50+)walking

Walking Football is exactly as the name suggests - you play football, walking. Usually aimed at people over 50, this inclusive, fun and sociable five-a-side version of the game is slow-paced, but lacks none of the passion or excitement of the beautiful game.




You can also find opportunities to play football in Oxfordshire by visiting our #SquadFinder Noticeboard or on England Football's Find Football page.

Can't find suitable opportunities for you?

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