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Let Referees Ref and Let Players Play - #PassThePositivity

As part of the #PassThePositivity Campaign we are calling for support to help continue work to provide a positive matchday experience.

In October 2021, Oxfordshire FA teamed up with Oxfordshire Youth Football League (OYFL), Oxfordshire Girls Football League (OGFL), Witney & District Youth Football League (WDYFL), and BOBi League to launch a new initiative called #PassThePositivity.

The aim of this campaign is to continue to develop a positive and enjoyable environment for children & young people to play football across the county.

For the next phase of the campaign, we are promoting the message of 'Let Referees Ref and Let Players Play!'

In our consultation with young people in 2021, feedback showed that poor behaviour from the sidelines was a key factor for young people either not wanting to return or giving up completely from playing or refereeing. 

We hope to have support from clubs in the county to help promote positive behaviour amongst their players, coaches, parents and spectators to make sure that they can give the best experience to everyone involved. 

Give Them a Clap Weekend!

To kick things off, all Oxfordshire FA sanctioned youth leagues will be encouraging all clubs, teams, coaches, parents, and spectators to participate in a ‘Give Them a Clap Weekend’ on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March 2022.

This is where, for all youth team fixtures across the county, we will be encouraging all people on the sidelines to clap to show encouragement and support to those on the pitch.

We’d love to see you share your club getting involved via social media using #PassThePositivity and #LetThemRefandPlay

We hope your club will support the ‘Give Them A Clap Weekend’ - we need help from everyone in the Oxfordshire Football Family to play their part in making the best environment for young people to thrive and continue playing and refereeing.

We must note that this is not mandatory, but we hope to have your club’s support.

pass the positivity

Respect support for your Club!

To support club officials and coaches with creating a positive environment, we are delivering an Oxfordshire Club Respect Workshop:

Date: Wednesday 9th March 2022

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Place: Microsoft Teams

Audience: Club committee members

This workshop aims to provide you with support and guidance to champion respect, promote positive behaviour and create a positive environment at your club.

Oxfordshire FA, WDYFL, OGFL, OYFL and BOBI League would like to encourage all their clubs to have a representative at this workshop.


How can clubs play their part?

There will be a series of weekly social media messages that will be promoted by Oxfordshire FA and youth leagues – we want to encourage clubs to share these with their followers and members.

Share the good work you are doing to provide a positive experience using #PassThePositivity and #LetThemRefandPlay

You can find further details on #PassThePositivity here and further links to support for your club's officials and coaches below:

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OFA Coaches CPD Programme 
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BT Playmaker
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Reporting Discrimination
Mind Mental Health & Physical Activity Resource

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Michael Thurlow (Football Development Manager) via