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Oxfordshire FA supporting Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day is the nation’s biggest mental health conversation.

We are asking football leagues and clubs across the county to turn to join in the conversation on mental health on Thursday 3 February.

Oxfordshire FA’s Education, Safeguarding & Referee Support Manager, Nigel Saverton, said:

“Oxfordshire FA are pleased to wholeheartedly support Time to Talk Day on Thursday 3rd February 2022. Its aim is to get people to choose to talk about mental health and by doing so help change lives.

time to talk graphic“With all the challenges we have all faced in recent times, mental health has become a major concern for many individuals both adults and children. Mental Health affects one in four of us and is a very serious issue that needs to be spoken about more often. It's a common problem, yet is still an isolated one, and people can start to feel ashamed or worthless because of it.

“By supporting Time to Talk, all of us can make a difference to those people who are affected by the many facets of mental health and help make a difference for these people through sharing and caring.”

Leagues and clubs can find ways in which they can support Time to Talk Day on the organisation's website.

You can download a variety of resources, including conversation starters and posters, to show your backing for the day.


Alternatively, they can be delivered to you from this page.

If you are looking to promote Time to Talk Day on social media, use the hashtag #TimeToTalk

For any questions about Time to Talk Day or advice on hosting an event, please contact Nigel.Saverton@Oxfordshirefa.com