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Two New Coach Development Workshops - Book Now

We'll be hosting two CPD events across October and November.

Oxfordshire FA are delighted to announce two new Coach Development workshops that will take place for coaches across October and November.

The workshops across the 2021-22 season will contain a mix of in person and virtual events, and we’re delighted to kick these off with one of each for coaches to get involved in. 


The first is on the 11th October when we’ll be heading to Thame Football Partnership for a session on The Role Of Others which will be led by The FA Coach Development Officer team for the South West. 

This workshop will look at the following: 

- How do we encourage positive parent/carer engagement?
- How might I make use of additional coaching support?
- What can we learn from others within our community network?



The second workshop is on the 2nd November and will be held virtually. This workshop will be delivered by Natalie Davis who runs the Wellbeing Girl. Natalie will be delivering a session around Managing Your Mind, a great introduction for coaches to mental health which will support themselves, as well as their players. 

Did you know that on average we experience up to 70,000 thoughts a day? The first step to supporting yourself mentally is understanding the we need to train our mind as we would train our physical body in the gym. Positive habits take time, consistency and practice in order for us to achieve positive change. 

This session will provide you with an understanding of the inner workings of the mind as well as provide you the tools to succeed in generally managing your mental health and in turn developing a growth mindset.


Both of these workshops are free for coaches to attend and we look forward to welcoming as many as possible from across the county for the benefit of you and your players. 

For more information on any of the above, please contact the Development Team on or 07956 415587.

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