Oxfordshire FA Partners

Important Communication from Oxfordshire FA Chairman to Members

Terry Williams has penned the following letter.

Dear OFA members, I am writing to you to inform you about opportunities for you to help drive the OFA forward in the coming years. 
As a board member you would work as part of a team to shape the future of the game across our county, especially crucial as we respond to the impact of the pandemic and play our part in the wider FA strategy to ensure football is as popular and inclusive as possible. 

Currently the OFA Board consists of three elected members, the CEO and four non-executive independent directors (INEDs) appointed by the Board. 

We need to both refresh and expand the Board in order to help broaden our diversity in aiming to be wholly-inclusive, fully comply with The FA and Sport England’s code of governance and also to ensure we have a breadth of expertise across all operational and regulatory themes. 

There are two ways that we are looking to recruit new board members: 

• By appointing elected representatives from within the OFA membership network who have a substantial knowledge of how the grassroots game operates, including discipline, safeguarding and wellbeing. These board members will replace Tom Edwards and myself in June 2022 as we have both reached the maximum term in office. Brian King, our other elected member is not currently due for re-election. 

• By advertising for and appointing non-executive independent directors (INEDs) that complement the skills of our four existing INEDs. We especially need Individuals with proven marketing, sales and communications skills, as well as someone with legislative and practical experience of supporting young people and adults at risk. 

The list of vacancies, role descriptions and details of the application process will be uploaded to the Oxfordshire FA website shortly.  

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in applying via either route, I would be delighted to chat to you about the opportunities and challenges facing the OFA and the terrific group of people that you would be working with. 

We typically meet as a board on a monthly basis in the early evening (recently via Zoom), and there would be some further time commitment surrounding the portfolio that you might be most connected with. 

From within our cohort of Directors, we also need to appoint an independent Chairperson to replace me. They will need to have proven experience in leading at least the equivalent of a small company or organisation so that our team of nine staff is enabled to deliver growth and a high-quality experience for all footballing participants and volunteers across Oxfordshire. 

Thank you for your interest and please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions on the above. 

Yours sincerely,

Terry Williams