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Online Player Registration Issues and Guidance

Advice for those experiencing issues affecting all County FAs nationally.

We are currently receiving a high number of queries regarding Online Player Registrations and the problems with the new FA system.

Whilst we understand the frustrations of the issues and problems many have had or continue to have with the system, no County FA has the answer to solve the technical issues but we are doing what we can to ease some of the pain and do feed back up the chain to the FA management yours and our frustrations. We do ask for your understanding during these times

Due to a high number of tickets logged with the FA Grassroots helpdesk from clubs, leagues and Counties, we recognise that clubs naturally turn to the County FA as Clubs and Leagues cannot complete the solution. We do ask that you follow the steps below as many queries can be answered via the information online:

  • Ensure you are logged in to the new Clubs Portal at (not the Whole Game System)

  • If you have a query or an issue please firstly go to the Grassroots Technology Site at where if you select the Player Registration option you will find a range of guidance

  • If your query or issue is not resolved via the Grassroots Technology Site please view the Known Issues Page at as the majority of issues can be found with details of the solution and/or an update on how The FA are resolving the issue. Please note some issues are ongoing and registrations may have to wait if The FA are still working on a solution for a particular issue

  • If your query or issue is not covered by the Grassroots Technology Site or the Known Issues Page or the solution requires County FA input please email  (please refrain from emailing individual members of staff your queries on Online Player Registrations) and your request will be given to the right member of staff to help you