Oxfordshire FA Club Affiliation 2018-19

It is now the time of year for clubs to start the Affiliation Process for the 2018-19 season to Oxfordshire FA

Similar to last season, the process will all be completed online via the Whole Game System and your clubs portal (to which the link can be found below). If you're setting up a new club please contact Sanctioning@OxfordshireFA.com

Please click the link below if you have forgotten your password:


Once you have logged into the portal, you will need to click on the “Club Secretary” tab at the top of the screen. You will then have the option on the left hand side to click on “Affiliation 2018-2019” which will then enable you to affiliate for next season and start the 8 stage process.

At stage 6, your club will select the “OFA Membership” Product which will be for your most Senior Team within your club. This Membership Product will include your Club Affiliation Fee, Club Public Liability Insurance, 1x Team Fee & 1x Team Personal Accident Insurance for the season. For every other team you have within your club, you will need to add the relevant “Additional Team Supplement” which includes the Team Fee and Personal Accident Insurance for that team.

Once you have completed stage 7, your affiliation will be submitted to the County FA for approval, which we hope will be issued within 24 hours, before being able to pay for your affiliation for 2018-2019 online. Please email Sanctioning@OxfordshireFA.com once you have reached stage 7 and you’re application has been sent to Oxfordshire FA for approval. Once the invoice has been raised on the portal and paid, you will then receive your affiliation number for next season, which will be confirmed through the Online Portal.

As per previous seasons, please remember that all Club Welfare Officers and coaches assigned to youth teams must have a valid, FA-approved CRC issued within the last three years.  The Club Welfare Officer must also have completed an FA Safeguarding Children workshop and Club Welfare Officer Workshop. The affiliation will not be approved until these are in place. 

The deadline to complete your Affiliation is the 1st July 2018 as per Oxfordshire FA Membership Rules. 

Please note there are a few changes to be aware of for this upcoming season. 

FA Safeguarding for Committee Members

As per last season, all Youth Clubs (a club with an U18 and below side) Chairpersons, Secretaries, and Welfare Officers must complete the online FA Safeguarding for Committee Members course in order for the club to affiliate.  This season, it is also a requirement that the Treasurer must undertake the online course.

This mandatory free course will take approximately 40 minutes and will be valid for 3 years on an individual’s record. More information on this course and access to it can be found in the attachment at the bottom of the page. Please note that the content is specific to the role of a committee member and as such, you will be required to complete this even if you have an in date Safeguarding Children certificate.

Personal Accident & Public Liability Insurance for Clubs

All clubs (Youth & Open Age) are now required to purchase Personal Accident Insurance. This comes at the required level within the main Oxfordshire FA’s Membership Scheme through Bluefin. I have attached the brochure that details what is covered.

If you would like to purchase any top up policies, please contact Bluefin either via visiting www.bluefinsport.co.uk/ngis, by emailing nationalgame@bluefingroup.co.uk or by phoning 0345 872 5060.

Public Liability Insurance will continue to be offered by Bluefin through the County FA as part of the affiliation process and the Membership Package. Again, I have attached the brochure that has been produced by Bluefin.

GDPR Guide

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th 2018 and clubs should have received communications direct from the FA in regards to the new regulations. If clubs have not seen that correspondence, Muckle have produced a guide aimed at Leagues and Clubs which will explain the key changes and includes top tips to ensure you are ready for the new regulation. The guide also contains the contact details of the Clubs and Leagues helpline where you can seek further help if required.

You can download the guide here

County Cups 2018-19

Unlike previous seasons, it was not mandatory for clubs to enter the Oxfordshire FA County Cups, however despite this we still had good numbers who chose to enter the County Competitions last season. The only change for this season is that the County Cup entry fees have been increased by £5.00 per competition.

If you have any questions in relation to the County Cups, please email – Cups@OxfordshireFA.com

May I wish you all the very best for the 2018-19 season and if you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me via Sanctioning@OxfordshireFA.com