Help us make football better

Do you have a real passion for local football? Do you think things could be better locally?

Do you have a real passion for local football? Do you think things could be better locally? Do you think that you could spare some time to make things better?

If the answer to most, if not all, of those is “Yes” then we want to hear from you!

Last year, we broke with tradition and opened up our decision making processes to make them more representative of our community and more importantly reflect the game of football in 2018 and beyond. Whilst getting off to a good start we still think there is room for more ideas and people to be involved and help to deliver those changes.

Football is doing well at local levels in Oxfordshire but we are always open to fresh new ideas and want to be able to assist in the delivery of local needs for people from 6 years old to 86 years old and beyond!

We have a great workforce, mainly caring volunteers, who put in a lot of time and effort to help their local community and themselves in making a difference. But many of those people, whether running a league, a club or another organisation have spent many years in doing their bit and whilst we hope they will continue we do recognise the need for people to succeed them. Age is not a barrier but attitude and commitment can be.

Football at the professional, higher, levels gets good and bad press, mainly over the money being spent, but locally most of the press is good and encouraging and long may that continue. Local football can increase community pride and provide hope for many people especially young children as well as added benefits such as healthy living.

Female football is developing and growing and there are other areas too such as wheelchair football. The FA’s strategy of “Football for All” is what it says on the label – it is there for anyone whether they want to play, coach, referee, administer or just watch. With your help we can reach more of the “All” and offer a greater range of opportunities.

We appreciate that everyone’s time is precious whether it be through work, family or other commitments but if you can offer a couple of hours a month then we would like to hear from you please.

If you are interested or want more information then please contact us on or ring our offices on 01993 778586. You are not committing yourself by asking!

Panel Member Opportunities

We are looking for two people in particular at this time to sit as independent members on our discipline cases. Out of fairness and for transparency we need to have at least one independent member on the panel each time they sit in judgement. Cases are normally heard on the evening of second and fourth Thursday of most months but you may not be needed every month. Travel expenses are available to help cover your costs.  Focus Group members are not considered independent for these positions.

We would also welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds in the community to sit on anti-discrimination cases where the alleged offender(s) may have used inappropriate language for today’s society. Thankfully these tend to be few and far between locally but it will help us at times to get an insight of different cultures and acceptable ways of life

If you are interested or want more information then please contact us on or ring our offices on 01993 894401.