Full-time and WGS Online Club Administration

Online Club Administration

Full-Time and Whole Game System


Is an easy-to-use, online administration system designed to manage the day-to-day running of a league. It generates a website for fixtures, results, tables, results, statistics and more, or can be used to work with existing websites. You can find a full list of leagues (over 1000) already using Full-Time.


Grassroots Technology Knowledge base

A fantastic tool for Clubs/Leagues to assist with many queries and easy to find assistance and help guides on all Technology such as WGS/FT/Matchday App etc

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Matchday app

The FA Matchday app has been developed specifically to automate everything around your football life. It's now made available to Club Secretaries, Chair and Treasurer.

From The FA Matchday app on your phone, you can now accept match fee payments directly from your players. No more chasing players for fees or fumbling with cash - just more time for you to run your club.

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Full-Time and Whole Game System are multi-user systems, with league and club officials able to login and update information. Leagues who use Full-Time have control to determine which of the functions their clubs are able to use, and can add to these as the league become comfortable with the options.

Full-Time is designed to manage the day to day functionality of leagues, with a wide variety of features, many of which are optional. “The Essentials” are features things you’ll need to get started, “Basic Options” are features you’ll probably want to use pretty soon and “Advanced Options” are features you might wait to use until you’re more familiar with the system, but it’s up to each league which features to use, and how quickly or slowly they wish to adopt them and many leagues will be using the full suite.

  • Easy setup of seasons, divisions, clubs, teams and venues – instant creation of your league website – with Whole Game System integration, this will be done automatically for you.
  • Website style – choose your colour scheme, add your league logo and sponsor details
  • Fixture creation - using the various automated routines, which cater for pitch sharing, team and ground availability, manual creation of fixtures or loading from an external system
  • Immediate input of results
  • Addition of other league administrators

  • Allowing clubs to report scorelines live by SMS Text Message (no more answerphones!)
  • Auto-generated emails notifying clubs, referees and officers of fixture/referee changes
  • Allowing clubs access to register match details, including team-sheets, goalscorers and marks
  • Player Registration and Transfers
  • Adding referees and recording referee appointments and marks online
  • League and County Cup Competitions, integrated into fixture arrangement and re-arrangement
  • Notices and News Items

  • Team Logos
  • Photo Albums (Cup Finals, Presentation Days)
  • Allowing clubs (or players) to request Player Registration
  • Setting age restrictions for players in divisions (youth and veterans football)
  • Tracking of suspensions and checking for violations
  • Downloading information to spreadsheets
  • Widgets to allow clubs to display tables and results within their own websites
  • Match reports and league newsletters

Full-Time includes support for leagues and officers. We run regular workshops across the country, as well as an online helpdesk, where you can send technical questions, and also has a forum where you can post questions and suggestions, and get feedback from other Full-Time users.

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