Tournament Sanctioning

Competition Sanctions


All Tournaments, Festivals, Friendlies and Competitions due to be played in Oxfordshire must be sanctioned by Oxfordshire FA. This includes summer tournaments, mid-week competitions and charity matches.

It is important to recognise that an unaffiliated tournament, friendly or competition renders an affiliated club’s insurance invalid, with participating teams and referees at risk of not being covered by their existing public liability or personal accident cover. Unaffiliated competitions are also not governed by Oxfordshire FA’s disciplinary process which means players, coaches and referees are potentially at risk.

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To ensure that you do not void your team's public liability or personal accident insurance or enter a tournament where the coaches have not been DBS checked your tournament must be sanctioned by Oxfordshire FA. County FA Registered Match Officials are also only permitted to officiate in sanctioned tournaments.

  • Permitted to use County FA registered referees (registered referees are not permitted to officiate in un-affiliated football)
  • Coverage under club public liability and personal accident insurance
  • County FA approval of rules
  • Promotion of your tournament via our website
  • Ensure that the tournament meets club and Oxfordshire FA safeguarding requirements

It's important that you make sure your event is sanctioned by us. Unfortunately, if this isn't done - and should have been – due to the potential risk to participants and invalidation of insurance cover all clubs and match officials may be liable to disciplinary action.

Oxfordshire FA will not sanction any events involving children under 6 as The FA regulations are clear and state:

"A child who has not attained the age of 6 shall not play and shall not be permitted or encouraged to play in a match of any kind”. 

In addition, Oxfordshire FA will not affiliate or sanction any Under 6 age groups to play in competitive matches; all children who have attained the age of 6 can therefore only play in Under 7 age groups.

1. Complete the online sanction application form:
2. We confirm that all sections of the form are complete 
3. We confirm that all clubs are affiliated with their respective County FA
4. We verify the rules and cross-reference them against The FA Standard Code of Rules 
5. The organiser pays the event sanctioning fee to Oxfordshire FA 
6,=. We inform the organiser if the competition is sanctioned  

For more information on the sanctioning of events please contact us via