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Each club competing shall receive a text from the Full-Time System on the day of their fixture which they will need to respond to within 2 hours of the completion of the game with the result.

If no text is received, please email with the result.


The Match Report forms (Word & PDF) can be downloaded from the “Rules & Documents” section on this page.

They must be completed and submitted via email to

If you cannot fulfil your County Cup Fixture, you will need to contact the relevant County Cup Secretary and let them know.

You will also need to make sure the opposition are aware along with any appointed Match Officials.

If you are yet to hear anything from your opposition, try contacting them to see if you can get details regarding the fixture.

If you cannot get hold of the club, then contact the relevant County Cup Secretary.

If your email notification is showing the wrong kick off time, please contact

If the appointed Match Official can’t do the game, please contact John Chapell, County Cup Referee Appointment Secretary, via email, here.

It is the home clubs responsibility to pay the Match Officials, however the away club will be responsible for reimbursing the home club for half of the fees.