Referee talks to young volunteers.


Staying safe and refereeing 

U18 Referee ArmbandOxfordshire FA is strongly committed to supporting our referee workforce of all ages but especially those under 18. 

As a referee, you are an impartial figure, able to see how teams and clubs manage and keep under-18s safe.

You have the opportunity to demonstrate best practice on and off the field and to recognise and refer concerns.

However, if you see, hear or are a victim or poor practice or abuse please click here for more in formation on how to report your concerns and receive help and support with any safeguarding situation.

Yellow ArmBands
Often spectators or coaches of youth football forget the referee can be a youth themselves.

To support our referees and as a visual reminder to players, coaches and spectators the Oxfordshire FA have introduced a yellow armband scheme for OFA referees refereeing in OFA leagues. 

The yellow armband is a visual reminder to everyone that the referee themselves are under-18 and should be treated as a parent or coach would want to treat their own child or player.

Details of the scheme and how to take part can be found by clicking here 

Referees are required to undertake tri-annual safeguarding training

SafeguardingReferees play a pivotal part in keeping all football safe and especially for youth players and fellow referees who themselves are under 18. 

As such it is vital that all referees have an in date safeguarding certificate to ensure they are fully aware of their and others' responsibilities in keeping football safe.

In the past referees were only required to under take safeguarding training at their entry point to refereeing. However, in a very positive move for all football referees are now required to undertake safeguarding training in line with coaches, at least every three years and they now must have an in date safeguarding certificate to be able to register for the 2021/22.

If you have done safeguarding training since 2010 and need to renew your certificate, then please click here to take the new free online Safeguarding Recertification course.

If you last did safeguarding training prior to 2010 then you will need to attend the new online safeguarding course, however this is still at the development stage so to refresh your knowledge and be able to register for the 2021/22 season please click here and take the free “Safeguarding for All” course.

Referees and DBS

All referees over the age of 16 who referee or are likely to referee youth football (anyone under the age of 18) must have a DBS which must be renewed at least every three years – the cost of the check is £10.

To start the process then please email and we will help you through the process.