Parents shout from the sidelines.


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The support of parents is vital in all sport and football is no different.

However sometimes the enthusiasm and drive of parents for their children can overtake the pleasure children get from the game. 

Take a look at the video below that emphasises how children see “parental support".

How to report a concern

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility whether or not it is your child or team – every child deserves to be able to play football in a fun and safe environment and when becoming aware of this not being the case doing nothing is not an option!

To report a concern please contact your Club Welfare Officer or email or click here for more information.

Remember if a child is in immediate risk of abuse or harm you should call the police on 999.

Keeping children Safe

If you have children playing football or are responsible for children playing football, please watch this short video which shows how we can all support football to keep children safe and enjoying the sport they love.

If having watched the video you are inspired to volunteer to support youth football please contact your local club or

Respect – We Only Do Positive

The FA Respect programme was started in 2008 and has developed over the years to be an essential part of  youth football and has had a positive impact on their enjoyment of the game. 

Recent surveys have also shown that the players respond more positively to encouragement and as such The FA have introduced their “We Only Do Positive” campaign and more information can be found by clicking here