Football on the corner.

Customer Service Charter


The Oxfordshire FA recognises that football is an activity that not only thrives on participation but also on emotions and passion. We are keen to develop an organisational culture that provides directions on how we work with you and what we see as an acceptable standard.

Oxfordshire FA are the custodians of football in Oxfordshire and we strive to be customer focussed in everything we do. This is not a grand mission statement or a far sighted vision but a plan to focus our work ensuring that we provide excellent customer service to all our stakeholders. 

  • To provide a professional and approachable service to our customers who contact us with different subjects.
  • To add value to customer contacts with Oxfordshire FA by communicating our vision and promoting the services we offer
  • To develop and improve new ways of communicating with our customers through greater use of e-mail, social media and our website –
  • To provide the football community with a high level of customer services ensuring our customer views are heard and reflected in the ongoing operations of the Company
  • To increase public interest and awareness of the game
  • To increase the perception of what we can offer by explaining our services and the limitations we are required to operate under.

Staff Conduct and Response times

Oxfordshire FA are committed to developing an open, responsive and accountable relationship with all those involved with the game at every level. This Charter sets out the levels of service which customers are entitled to expect when dealing with us.  Our policies in relation to these Customer Issues are set out below.

Staff Conduct

Oxfordshire FA staff will act in a courteous and responsive manner in all matters relating to Customer Issues. If an issue cannot be resolved by the staff member, they will take responsibility for ensuring that it is escalated to their Line Manager

Response Time

Written correspondence will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt, and if a full reply cannot be given within that period, due to further information being required, a comprehensive response will be made within 10 working days.

Emails and telephone messages will be acknowledged within two working days, and if further information is required, a comprehensive response will be made within 10 working days, provided that full contact details are given as part of any message.

Due to holidays, or the work of some members of staff, there may times when they are away from their desks/e-mails for several days. In these circumstances, customers will receive an automated response to e-mails and telephone calls informing them of whom urgent matters should be re-directed to.

Due to the nature of our business, a lot of valuable work is done by volunteers and as such they are not bound by this Agreement, but will endeavour to follow the time frames laid down.

Complaints Procedure

1. Please raise your complaint to the relevant member of Oxfordshire FA that is dealing with your issue immediately so that it can be resolved. The first stage is designed to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

2. If the matter cannot be resolved quickly and efficiently then please write to the Chief Executive Officer, Oxfordshire FA, 39 Wittas House, Avenue 4, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4BN or email within 28 days of the issue explaining the initial complaint and the reason for the continued dissatisfaction. 

3. If you are still not totally satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with then please write to the Chairman, Oxfordshire FA, 39 Wittas House, Avenue 4, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4BN

Complaints Policy

The policy of Oxfordshire FA is to deal with all customer complaints fairly. To achieve this we have implemented the following procedures within our business:

  • Any complaint will be acknowledged in writing to the complainant confirming that it is being dealt with in accordance with our complaints policy.
  • We undertake to investigate any complaint properly and fairly 
  • We will respond in writing to all complaints within seven working days from the date of receipt.
  • Where we find that any work is required or action needed to resolve the complaint then the work or action will be undertaken in the shortest possible time.