Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Oxfordshire FA Launch Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

Oxfordshire FA outlines commitment and targets across Equity, Diversity and Inclusion between 2024 and 2026.

Oxfordshire FA is proud to publish our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan for 2024 through to 2026, as we outline our commitment and targets across equity, diversity and inclusion over the next two years. 

We care about the community, and we recognise our responsibility to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that football is for all. Therefore, we must ensure there are no barriers to participation and involvement. Football is for everyone and should be enjoyed by all, which is why Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is a golden thread that runs throughout everything we do. 

In our mission to ensure that this is the case, alongside our commitment to eliminating discrimination and encouraging equal opportunities, we are proud to release details of our first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, which is the product of collaboration between our staff, Board, Inclusion Advisory Group, and our Youth Leadership Team. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Plan details commitments and targets across five focus areas: 

  • County FA governance, workforce and leadership 

  • Partnerships 

  • Delivery #ForAll 

  • Training and education 

  • Communications

Full details can be read in full below, or by downloading our Diversity and Inclusion Plan. 


In May 2023, Oxfordshire FA achieved the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard for Sport. This has helped us build foundations to drive equity, diversity, and inclusion as a priority over the coming seasons. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, which will take us to the halfway point of our 2024-28 business strategy, and provide an opportunity to review and plan for the two years leading to 2028, will support our work further.  

We would like to see an Inclusion Advisory Group at the centre of every local league and club’s leadership team, allowing us to promote and share best practice to ensure an inclusive culture that encourages everyone to feel welcome, safe, and fully supported. 

Should you have any questions or feedback relating to our Diversity and Inclusion Plan, or our work across equality, diversity, and inclusion, please contact us by email via Support@OxfordshireFA.com