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Law Changes for 2022-23 Season

Details of how to find the updated Laws of the Game and courses to help improve your knowledge.

Every year FIFA make alterations to the Laws of the Game, or to how they should be interpreted.

Over the last few years there have been some major changes, including Sin Bins, Hand Ball, Offside and many others. It is important all of us whether referees, players, coaches, spectators or armchair enthusiasts keep updated on these changes, to help us understand and enjoy the nation’s favourite sport.

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This year, FIFA have decided that only a few minor tweaks are needed, and you can read up on these changes by clicking here. These changes become effective on 1 July 2022.

In addition, to refresh your knowledge of all the Laws of the Game please click here (please note this should be read in conjunction with the amendments in the link above as the full 2022/23 edition is not yet available) and you will better understand why decisions have been made, which in turn will aid enjoyment of the game.


The FA have also produced some free online modules to help everyone’s understanding of the Laws of the Game. If you would like to take these free modules, please click here

If all this new knowledge has sparked a thought at you might like to put it into practice by becoming a referee then please click here for more information on becoming a fully qualified FA referee, or if you have a specific question, please email 

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