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Exciting coaches CPD opportunities coming in January - Book Today!

Three workshops throughout January will offer coaches further opportunities to develop their knowledge

We are delighted to provide you details of three workshops for coaches in January 2023!

Cultivating a Dynamic Mindset for Positive Mental Health and Performance

The first of these workshops will be held on Monday 16th January at Kidlington FC, around Cultivating a Dynamic Mindset for Positive Mental Health and Performance. 

This workshop delivered by Orange Ball will support coaches to create a culture of positive mental health by taking a mental fitness approach to wellbeing, and performance. The programme is grounded in evidence based practice from positive, performance and coaching psychology.  

Objectives include: 

- Developing knowledge and understanding of positive mental health and mental fitness

- Understand the impact mental fitness has on wellbeing and performance

- Learn to implement mental fitness strategies for yourself and others

- Create a positive culture of wellbeing and performance at their clubs

When: Monday 16th January 2023

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Kidlington Football Club, Yarnton Rd, Kidlington OX5 1AT

Delivered by: Orange Ball, Sak Rafique

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Differentiation in Action

When: Monday 23rd January 2023

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

Where: Oxford City FC, Marsh Lane., Marston, Oxford OX3 0NQ

This session will support coaches with differentiation and putting it in action.

Linking practice design to working with individual players within small sided games and practices. The session will also look at how you might incorporate isolated practices within wider game situations.

This will take the format of small sided games (SSG) and introducing challenges, limitations, restrictions within the practice for some players in order to help them deal with problem solving and skill development in a way that allows them to take part in the wider game whilst being able to focus on thei8r individual development needs. 


Developing Skilful Players

The second workshop will be around Developing Skilful Players, held at Oxford City FC on Monday 30th January

This event will take a look into how we can help develop skilful behaviour within our players, what it looks like across the 4 corners, what practices might help and how we can shape the practice to encourage more exploration of skilful solutions.

The event will showcase a number of practices, delivered by our Coach Development Officers, for you to consider. They will highlight how we can apply a range of constraints that will present new problems for our players to overcome, they will ask you to observe and consider how the 4 corners interconnect and influence how players adapt to new situations.

Questions this workshop will aim to answer: 

What is a skilful player? 

How can we, as coaches, support the development of skilful players? 

What does ‘skilful’ look like across the FA 4 corners? 

What can coaches expect to take away? 

1) Some example practices that they could use to support them with this topic. 

2) An understanding of how constraints can encourage the player to develop skilful solutions 

3) Knowledge of how the 4 Corners connect to encourage skilful play

When: Monday 30th January 2023

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Oxford City FC, Marsh Lane, Marston, Oxford OX3 0NQ

Delivered by: Abdoullah Kheir, FA Coach Development Officer

To book on to this workshop, click here 

For questions on any of the workshops above, or anything else related to coach development, please contact us at Development@OxfordshireFA.com


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