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Improve Your Players' Matchday Experience With Our Workshop

Oxfordshire FA to host CPD workshop at Easington Sports FC on 24 October.

This Coach Development workshop will support coaches to make matchdays as positive as possible for players and creating the right environment. 

One of the most common phrases coaches hear: 

“Can we play a match?”

How do we as coaches, supporters and volunteers help players to keep that life-long love for the game and provide the best possible experiences we can when it comes to a match day?

In this workshop coaches will explore some of the challenges faced but also the opportunities presented to them in terms of: 

  • Linking training to a matchday
  • Supporting the learning and enjoyment of the players
  • How to plan, deliver and reflect effectively in relation to matchday

Join us at Easington Sports Football Club on 24 October between 10am and 12pm as we look to enhance the matchday experience across the county at this free coaches workshop. 

To find out more about the workshop and to sign up, click here  

This workshop links with our #PassThePositivity initiative that was launched on Monday 4 October.

This is a campaign designed by Oxfordshire FA, OFA Youth Leadership Team, OYFL, OGFL, WDYFL and BOBi League that that aims to develop a positive and enjoyable environment for children & young people to play football across the county.

You can find further information on the initiative here

For questions or support, contact James Shiplee on 

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