LGBTQ+ - From Pride to Purpose

We'd love to see as many young participants from Oxfordshire involved in the FA National Youth Council's new programme.

OXFORDSHIRE FA is supporting the latest FA National Youth Council initiative – and encouraging as many young people within the county to get involved.

‘LGBTQ+ - From Pride to Purpose’ is a series of webinars designed for young people involved in football.

The National Youth Council is committed to supporting safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and create positive change in football.

Each month for the next five months, participants can be involved in a monthly educational webinar and provide support on how youth leaders can be active in creating positive change in their communities.

The online webinar dates are as follows:

8 December 2021 – Introduction
18 January 2022 – Allyship and Celebrating Identities
17 February 2022 – Intersectionality
14 March – What’s the ‘T’ within LGBTQ+?
19 April – Allyship to Action and Challenging/Tackling Anti-LGBT Cultures

To find out more – and to sign up – please click here

The deadline to sign up is Wednesday 24 November.

In becoming part of the webinars, those involved can access a series of FIVE monthly webinars, focused on helping to make a difference; support to identify how you can use what you learn to take action in your community; build your network and meet people who share your interests – and identify people you can collaborate with now and in the future; be part of something that showcases the power of youth leadership.

To be eligible you must be able to say yes to all of the following:-

  • I am age 16-24 as at the 1st October 2021
  • I am involved in football
  • I am motivated to learn and to help others learning
  • I am committed to making a change and taking action
  • I will participate in all of the online modules and complete feedback surveys
  • I will abide by the Code Of Conduct as detailed in this survey