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Clubs Invited To Apply For A FA Club Mentor

Oxfordshire clubs can now register interest to become part of the FA Coach Mentor programme for 2019/20.

Charter Standard Clubs across the county are invited to express their interest in being part of The FA Coach Mentor Programme for the 2019-20 season.

The programme is designed to provide Charter Standard clubs with up to 50 hours of free mentoring during the course of a season. 

These hours can be used however the club wants, whether in training sessions, matchday situations, whole club sessions or any other way the club decides. 

The Mentors will work with their clubs on the long-term needs of the coaches. They won’t be telling you how to coach, how to 'fix' things or what to do. 

Around 30 clubs have so far benefitted from the Club Mentor programme and this is the opportunity for new clubs to get involved. 

All you need to do is complete the quick form below explaining how an FA Coach Mentor would impact on your club.


Following this we will ask you to arrange an in service event for your clubs coaches where we will get a FA Coach Mentor to attend and explain more about the programme and how your coaches will benefit as well as delivering a session with one of your teams. 

Football Development Officer, James Shiplee, said: “The FA Coach Mentor programme is a great resource for clubs to take advantage of. It provides coaches with the opportunity to learn and develop in their own environment with the support of someone else present. I hope that many clubs apply for the opportunity to have a FA Coach Mentor next season.”

If your club is interested for next season, fill out the form and return it to James Shiplee at by 24 May.