Promoting your team, club or league

The aim of the game is promotion

Marketing your team, club or league.

The FA have designed a helpful web page called "What's Your Pitch" to enable leagues and clubs to analyse their current marketing position and suggest methods of increasing their presence.
Help available includes:
The Back Pages
In this section, you will find helpful tips on how to get into the back pages. Guides range from explaining the role of a league/club media officer to advice on how to deal with the media, from netting some regular coverage to getting the best from your football photography. There’s also a handy press release template and learn from a league who’s scored a blinder with a new radio show.
It’s hard in this economic climate to bring in a big-money sponsor, so you have to get your pitch right and make sure you bag a winning partnership. Here you can learn about different ways to bring in some much-needed cash. from funding grants to supplier deals and the ultimate prize – bagging yourself a sponsor. But it’s not all about getting the partner, it’s about making sure you keep them happy and set-up a long-term relationship to benefit your league/club.
League & Club Crests
Your club’s reputation isn’t just about how you play on the pitch, it’s based on how you look off it too. It’s important that you can talk a good game and that look good too. Here you can find support to develop what you stand for with your club’s ethos and values, make the most out of your link to The Three Lions through Charter Standard and Respect, and even redesign your club badge.
Going for Promotion
Making you famous within your local community and building up your membership will have major benefits, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. You’ll need to consider whether you want to have a presence online, whether it’s your own website or using social media. Then you’ll need to consider the more traditional means of promotion, such as posters and flyers. Take a look at our simple guidance notes to help you increase awareness.
Check out all the useful hints and tips by visiting the 'What's Your Pitch' website.