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Ray Mills Trust Fund

The Ray Mills Trust Fund

Supporting aspiring referees into the game.

The Ray Mills Trust Fund was set up in memory of Ray Mills, a past Chairman, Director and Vice President of the Oxfordshire Football Association of which he served over 25 years.

The aim of the fund is to give young individuals a first chance on the ladder of the Football Coaching and Referee Courses, so that they can develop their individual skills and put them to good use locally within the football fraternity.

Aspiring coaches between the ages of 16 - 19 and aspiring referees between the ages of 14 - 19 can apply. A bursary is also offered towards referee kit to help young referees.

The trustees have now expanded the criteria to include adult referees coming into the game.

Bursaries will be given to those who successfully apply and stay with their respective league for the season. 

To find out more and please download an application form.

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The fund operates by paying a proportion of the cost of the course. The amount is decided on a case by case basis but usually operates on a 75% basis.


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