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All you need to know about club affiliation

Affiliation for Oxfordshire clubs will be open as of 6 June 2024. Now is the time to get ready ahead of the 2024/25 season!

There are some new requirements which are important for our clubs to start preparing for now, so you can be ready for the upcoming season. 

Opening from Thursday 6 June 2024, club affiliation will once again be available in Club Portal, as opposed to Whole Game System. Club Portal is the new platform for clubs to administer all their player registrations to be submitted to the relevant league for approval. All safeguarding and coaching qualifications can also be viewed here, as well as adding and removing both club and team officials.


Affiliation Deadline - EXTENDED to Tuesday 9 July 2024

County Cup Entry Deadline - EXTENDED to Monday 15 July 2024

Affiliation Requirements For 2024/25 Season

All Clubs

  • Public Liability Insurance – All clubs are required to have Public Liability Insurance covering the club for the upcoming year. This must be for a minimum cover of £10 million pounds.

  • Personal Accident Insurance – All teams are required to have Personal Accident Insurance, including U5 and U6 teams.


    Click here to learn more about their Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance packages

  • Club Ground – It is a requirement for clubs to state their main home ground which is defined as where their first or oldest age group team play. If the ground is not listed through the PitchFinder search tool, please contact Andy Earnshaw ( and it can be added.

  • Key Officials – Clubs are required to state their key officials. You can find guidance on how to add your key officials here.

  • Safeguarding Declaration – Every club will be required to accept a Safeguarding Declaration. Where clubs have teams that play across different levels of the game, multiple declarations will need to be accepted (available from 5th June 2024).

Clubs with Adult Team/s Only or Clubs Without Youth Teams

  • Personal Accident Insurance – All teams are required to have Personal Accident Insurance, including U5 and U6 teams.

  • Team Ground – It is a requirement for clubs to ensure each registered team has an accurate home ground listed. If the ground is not listed through the PitchFinder search tool please contact Andy Earnshaw ( and it can be added.

  • Named Manager or CoachEvery named official apart from the Team Secretary will need to have completed the Player Welfare Course added as a requirement please click hereIf (and only if) your team has U18s players, all named managers, coaches, first aiders will also be required to complete a DBS. If you do not have your own club organisational pin contact either Ben Hardcastle ( or Nigel Saverton (

  • NEW - Welfare Officer (Adult) - Clubs with adult teams require a named ‘Welfare Officer (Adult Teams)’. For the 2024/2025, it is mandatory to make sure this position has completed the course. To complete the course, please click here. In addition, the Welfare Officer (Adult) will also require a DBS in the event of an U18 being registered.

Clubs With Youth Teams

  • Personal Accident Insurance – All teams are required to have Personal Accident Insurance, including U5 and U6 teams.

  • Team Ground – It is a requirement for clubs to ensure each registered team has an accurate home ground listed. If the ground is not listed through the PitchFinder search tool please contact Andy Earnshaw ( and it can be added.

  • Named Manager or CoachEvery youth team must name all managers and coaches assigned to each team. This can be completed ahead of affiliation through the ‘Officials’ tab. NEW - All managers and coaches require an in-date, accepted DBS and to have completed the Safeguarding Children Course.  It is not advisable to have coaches across multiple teams to complete affiliation, clubs that do so will be contacted to address.


Exemptions on Insurance

Listed below are some exemptions from insurance when clubs are processing their affiliation:

  • Pro Clubs are not required to upload Public Liability or Personal Accident Insurance, as these are validated by their competitions.
  • Step 1-4 Teams are not required to upload Personal Accident Insurance, as these are validated by their competitions.

How Should You Get Ready?

Before starting the affiliation process, all clubs should:

  • Familiarise with using the Club Portal to process your club admin (apart from processing discipline).

  • Please check the expiry date of your team officials Safeguarding for Children qualification and renew if they are about to expire. Click here to access the free Safeguarding for Recertification course.

  • Ensure all outstanding invoices from this season are paid. You will not be able to complete your affiliation without these being paid.

  • Ensure all player suspensions from last season have been assigned fixtures (unless the suspension is carrying over to next season). If you need any help, please click here or contact

  • Once you have finished your season, we strongly encourage all clubs to access their Club Portal and detach any players that are no longer part of your club. Any questions or support, please contact and we can help.

We are here to help. If you have any questions or need some advice, please email and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

Club Affiliation Prices for 2024/25

While the 2024/25 season will see a slight increase in team fees for affiliation, we're delighted to announce that we have frozen the price of County Cup entry for the 2024/25 season.

Coupled with savings available through insuring with our new partners, Sportsguard, we're confident the majority of our clubs will save money during this affiliation window.

Level of Competition Team Fee
Professional £250
Steps 1 and 2 £150
Steps 3 and 4 £60
Steps 5 and 6 £50
Women's Tier 3 and 4 £50
Women's Tier 5 and 6 £50
Open Age, Veterans, Futsal and Walking Football £15
Youth £15

County Cup Entrance Fees for 2024/25

Competition Entry Fee Per Team
Senior Cup £50
Intermediate Cup £30
Junior Shield £30
Sam Waters Sunday Cup £30
Women's Cup £30
Patrick O'Flanagan Memorial Veterans Cup £30
Charity Cup £30
U18 Youth and Girls' Cup £30
Youth and Girls' Cups - U16, U15, U14 and U13 £20

Club Affiliation FAQ's

Do I still go to Whole Game System to complete my club affiliation?

No, you can access your affiliation in Club Portal in your ‘Teams’ tab.


Are there discounts on my affiliation?

There are no discounts on affiliation for the 2024/25 season, but other funding will be made available throughout the season to support clubs.


How can I pay for my clubs’ affiliation?

You can pay via debit/credit cards direct through Club Portal. If you need to pay in any other format, please contact Oxfordshire FA ( for more information.


When can I start affiliating my club?

Affiliation will be available from 6 June 2024 on the Club Portal.


Can I only affiliate one team at a time?

No, you can affiliate all your teams at once, or a number of your choice, when your teams are ready to be affiliated.


Can a manager be assigned to more than one team?

Yes, where coaches are across several teams, clubs can reflect this on the portal.


Do I need to register my U5/U6 provision?

Yes, all 'Play Phase' provision should be added to the system with the coaches taking the sessions defined on Club Portal. This allows you to monitor the safeguarding requirements of those running your development sessions.


Can we have two club secretaries?

No, only one person can be given the role of secretary. Multiple assistant secretaries can be added and will have the same functionality as the club secretary. 


Do we still get an affiliation number?

No. As we move to a team-based model working 365 days a year, a club affiliation number would not be sufficient proof for a competition that a team is affiliated. Instead, teams will have an 'affiliation status' which will be visible to clubs, leagues, and County FAs.


Our venue isn't fully confirmed yet, can I change my ground details once a team has affiliated?

Yes, you can change your team grounds at any time.


Can I change league once I've affiliated a team?

Yes, where no players are registered you will be able to change the league. When you change league, the league your leaving, and your County FA, will be automatically notified.


Will my existing youth teams move up an age group automatically or do I have to edit the teams?

Existing youth teams will automatically move up an age group when the new affiliation process opens for you


Do I need to affiliate U5/U6 teams?

If your club currently has U5/U6 teams, these will also need to be affiliated. The FA will be launching a new programme called Play Phase, an initiative specifically designed for clubs who run sessions for players at U5 & U6, with an aim of creating the best possible environments for those children & young people at the beginning of their football journey. All ‘Play Phase’ provision should be added to affiliation with the coaches taking the session also added to the club portal. This is important to ensure your club are kept up to date with the introduction of Play Phase & it’s benefits, and it allows the County FA to ensure safeguarding requirements are adhered to.’


Safeguarding Requirements

Open Age Mandates 2024/25:


There are new Open Age mandates that are going to be in place from the start of the 2024/25 season, which relate to the qualifications of Adult Welfare Officers and Team Officials – when there is a player under the age of 18 registered with that team.


From the start of the 2024/25 season the following must be in place:

  • Adult Welfare Officer & All Team Officials have completed the online Player Welfare course on FA Learning

When a team has a player who is under the age of 18 registered, they must also have:
  • Adult Welfare Officer & All Team Officials have an in-date FA DBS (this can be ‘in progress’)

Safeguarding Declaration

What is the Safeguarding Declaration?
The Safeguarding Declaration is a statement of intent, a club acknowledges it understands and accepts its safeguarding responsibilities and commits to adhering to these.
Do clubs have to sign up to a Safeguarding Declaration?
Yes, it’s a mandatory requirement to affiliate for the 2024/2025 season.
How will my club know which Safeguarding Declaration to accept?
The Safeguarding Declaration relevant to the type of football a club wants to affiliate for will be automatically made available via the club portal e.g., Grassroots Youth Football or Barclays Women’s Super League.
Are all the Safeguarding Declarations the same?
In principle yes, each Safeguarding Declaration requires a club to acknowledge it understands and accept its safeguarding responsibilities as outlined in the Declaration or relevant League Safeguarding Standard, License or Rules that are explicitly referred to. 
Where can I find out more about the club portal?
Head to our Knowledge Base to find out everything you need to know about using the portal.
Where can I get more information/support about implementing safeguards at my club?
You can view The FAs safeguarding information – here or contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Nigel Saverton, via 


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