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The Oxfordshire FA Test Cup is a fictional cup competition, manifested for the purposes of illustrating a page layout for cup competitions moving forward. The competition is for teams that do not exist, therefore making it one of the shortest cup competitions in history, owing to the fact that no team can ever enter. In reality, this space would be utilised for background information and qualifying criteria.


History of the Test Cup

The first Oxfordshire FA Test Cup competition dates back to 1878-79 season when One Team United met The Other Team Athletic in the final, held at the Random Ground.

Having seen off Initial Team United1-0 in the first round, One Team, still an amateur club at the time, went on to beat Daft Team 3-0 in the second, before beating The Other Team Athletic 1-0 in the final.


Womens Cup Roll of Champions

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Intermediate Roll of Champs

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U16 Youth Roll

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New Test Cup Competition

Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round to 28/10/23 Results
2nd Round 18/11/23 to 25/11/23 Results
Quarter-Final 13/01/24 to 03/02/24 Results
Semi-Final 09/03/24 to 23/03/24 Results
Final 27/04/24 Result

Current Holders - Fictional Town FC

2022/23 Final - Highlights