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Fair Play Commitment Statement


2024 marks the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the Oxfordshire Football Association. We are proud of that heritage and focused on ensuring a flourishing future for the sustainable growth of inclusive local football throughout the county.

We fundamentally believe in fair play. Everyone should always feel safe, welcome, supported and treated with dignity and respect - whether they play, watch, referee, coach, volunteer or have other roles within the sport. 

At Oxfordshire FA we proactively promote best practice behaviour on and off the pitch. We applaud and will tangibly reward those who clearly create a positive atmosphere and conducive culture at their clubs. Club Welfare Officers care deeply about helping to ensure that and work closely with us to share best practice. Not only during Silent Weekend but also throughout the season we ask those watching not to shout at young players and applaud good football by both sides in every match. Some clubs already have Respect Marshals. We would like to see all leagues and their clubs promote greater consistency.

Everyone should treat others in the same way that they wish to be treated themselves. 

Kids need to have fun playing football. Parents need to let the coach be the coach. The players do not need mixed messages, it only distracts and confuses them. It affects their focus and self-confidence; it can put them off playing which is the last thing anyone would want. 

What someone sees as banter can unwittingly really upset others.

Disappointingly poor discipline and disrespectful behaviour by players, coaches, spectators and others can ruin the beautiful game for everyone.

If you see something that is inappropriate then you should feel able and right to challenge it and supported in doing so.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to any intimidation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, or other belittling behaviour. With the full backing of The Football Association, we will not hesitate to instigate formal disciplinary proceedings and deliver tougher sanctions wherever needed as a deterrent to unacceptable acts. Where necessary we will work with the leagues to deduct points, remove fixtures, suspend people and permanently remove opportunities to play or spectate.  

We urge everyone not to force us to have to take such disciplinary action and instead to always uphold the proud traditions of community football throughout the county out of respect for the spirit of the game.

With thanks and best wishes,

David Tutton
Oxfordshire FA Chair

Jonathan Duckworth
Oxfordshire FA Chief Executive

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