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Could you be a Young Leader?

There are several opportunities with Oxfordshire FA and our clubs, for young people aged 14-24 to get involved with football through volunteer, refereeing and coaching.

Below you can see what is available for young leaders. If you have any questions contact James Shiplee on or 01993 894403.


We have a number of courses that will help young leaders take their first step on the ladder, from as young as 12 years old.

Course  Minimum Age
The FA Junior Football Leaders Course*   12
The FA Basic Referees Course  14
The FA Level 1 Coaching Award  16

*Courses are run based on requests from clubs or schools. If you are interested in running one of these courses, please use the contact details above.

Football Futures Programme

What is it?

Football Futures is a volunteer programme for young people aged 14-22 years old. Its aim is to recruit, deploy and reward young people for their work within football. Any volunteering role within football fits in to the Football Futures Programme, from Coaches to referees, club secretaries to press officer, Chairperson to website designer. If you volunteer, get involved. The programme is completely free and offers members a variety of benefits.


    ─ Must be aged 14-22
    ─ Must be volunteering within football (or work with us to find an opportunity for you)


    ─ New Skills and Experience
    ─ Access to coaching and refereeing bursaries
    ─ Opportunities to work with Oxfordshire FA at events
    ─ Chance to meet likeminded people and make new friends
    ─ Certificate for volunteering hours milestones including: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 hours! 
    ─ FREE T-Shirt for 25 hours volunteering
    ─ FREE Rain Jacket for 75 hour volunteering

Football Futures Themes

The programme has 6 themes for Young Leaders to work in:

Coaching and Working with Teams

This topic could be as simple as coaching a team at your local club, school or college. It can be anything from assisting with sessions, leading a group, running a holiday session or match day situations.

Promoting the Game

Using social media to promote events and activities, updating and maintaining a website for a club, being the club photographer, or writing a match report.


Refereeing games with a club, school or college on a voluntary basis. The refereeing can cover any type of football including small sided, intra school football, 11v11, or futsal.

Respect Ambassador

Ensuring that all players have signed up to the Respect Codes of Conduct, putting up Respect barriers for matches, and ensure that all examples of good behaviour are promoted.

Running Events

Being involved with leading an event(s), whether leading, or assisting with the organisation. This could be anything from an intra-school tournament to regional and national events.

Running and Developing the Game

Assisting the running of a Charter Standard Club or League, or an intra-school league. This could be anything from a committee role, to assisting with fixtures, taking minutes, or helping to increasing participation within a club or league.


Football Futures offers some great opportunities to get involved at County and National level. These opportunities can be great as work experience and can add to your CV or University application.

County Level:

    ─ Get involved with OFA Events
    ─ OFA Football Futures Camp
    ─ Chance to apply for OFA Youth Council

National Level:

    ─ Application process for National Football Futures Camp at St Georges Park
    ─ Opportunity to apply for: 
    ─ National Game Youth Council
    ─ Changing Lives International Trip
    ─ National Coaching Scholarship and Mentoring Programme
    ─ Volunteering opportunities at National Events
    ─ Chance to become Football Futures National Ambassador

Get Involved

To become a member of the Oxfordshire FA Football Futures Programme click here.

Youth Leadership Team

For those young leaders who want to have more of an impact, they can apply to join our Youth Leadership Team. The team delivers projects on behalf of Oxfordshire FA to support youth football and young leaders using their knowledge and experiences.

The team has previously run the Football Futures Day, and will this season be doing so again as well supporting referees transition to adult football, and supporting Oxfordshire FA promote Respect.

If you’re interested in getting involved contact James Shiplee on or 01993 894403.

Ray Mills Trust Fund

The Trust Fund was set up in memory of Ray Mills, a past Chairman, Director and Vice President of the Oxfordshire Football Association of which he served over 25 years. The purpose of the Trust Fund is to encourage youngsters (boys/girls) aged between 16 and 19, who belong to Oxfordshire FA affiliated clubs/leagues for Coaching Course Bursaries to help provide quality coaching to players with Youth teams (boys/girls).

Also available are Bursaries towards the cost of Referee Courses for boys and/or girls aged between 14 and 19, living within the Oxfordshire FA boundaries, which cover the Local Authorities – Cherwell, Oxford City, South Oxfordshire and West Oxfordshire.

The aim is to give young individuals a first chance on the ladder of the Football Coaching and Referee Courses, so that they can develop their individual skills and put them to good use locally within the Football fraternity. A Certificate is awarded to all recipients and on completion of the Course the Bursary is awarded. For Referee Course individual will get their second year Referee Registration fee included.

For further details and for how to apply, please contact Dave Tutton (Trust Fund Chairman) at 24 Forest Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 8LF or e-mail;

Application forms can be found below.

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