In addition to the relevant FA Disciplinary Procedures, we have in place our own policies which cover how we operate our principles of governance. These policies help promote the effective functioning of the Company.

Equal Opportunities Policy – it is essential that we recognize that anyone can be involved in football irrespective of race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, or disability

Equality Policy - As the governing body of the national game in Oxfordshire, the OFA is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the game at every level. Football belongs to, and should be enjoyed by, everyone equally. Our commitment is to confront and eliminate discrimination.

Health & Safety Policy – Oxfordshire FA is committed to Health and Safety in all of its operations, whether it be in the County Office or in any of its field operations, and is aware that it will make every reasonable step to ensure:

An acceptable standard of health and safety for all its employees, customers, the employees of any other company or organisation that may be affected by its activities. 

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