Affiliations are open for the 2017/18 season. Please check back here soon for more information on when the Affiliation Window will be open.


Clubs have to affiliate to their County FA under The Football Association Rules. The affiliation gives clubs access to registered referees, a robust discipline system, ability to play in a sanctioned league, and more. Clubs have to provide details of their Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who will be the main person of contact between the club and the County FA. For clubs with youth teams then a qualified Club Welfare Officer is also required.


Every club will have at least one team and in most cases, many more than that. Each team needs to be listed within the affiliation process providing details such as grounds, team colours, manager, etc. Where there are Youth teams at U18 and below, the manager/coach will be required to hold an in-date FA Criminal Record Check before the team can be affiliated. This is for the safety of the children they are supporting (ideally they will also have a Safeguarding Children workshop certificate) .

County Cups

 n adult football, it is mandatory for clubs to enter teams in the respective County Cup status they are eligible for. The one exception being the Charity Cup where only First teams below Step 6 and outside of the National League System with their leagues permission.

In Youth Cups, it is again mandatory for clubs to enter Sunday teams in the respective County Cup for that age group (U17 teams may play in the U18 cup). County Cups are normally played on Sundays and out of fairness to teams that play on other days, entry is optional. Also in Youth County Cups, clubs are allowed to enter more than one team per Competition but players have to be registered to a team via their league. In the Girl’s County Cups then it is 11 v11 and it is optional for teams who may wish to play up a year. These teams should remember the two year age ruling when deciding whether to enter.  


Every club has to have Legal Liability Insurance (formerly Public Liability Insurance) under The FA Rules. For every club competing below Step 4 this is provided as part of the affiliation process by the Oxfordshire FA through Bluefin insurance and is partly subsidised by the County FA. Clubs at Step 4 and above need to provide their own proof of cover. All clubs are advised to check the cover provided to ensure it meets their individual needs.

Every open-age team has to have Personal Accident Insurance in place. This has to be bought by their respective clubs per team. Cover can cost as little as £26 per team per annum but clubs are advised to increase the cover to whatever level they require as the basic level does not provide a weekly payment to injured players. Clubs who have purchased through the National Game Insurance Scheme, managed by Bluefin, will receive individual renewal notices. Through this Scheme the levels of cover can be different across the teams within a club and increased cover can be purchased at any time but proof of the minimum cover must be provided for the affiliation process. Without it then the system will not generate an affiliation number required for league entries.


Affiliation fees under the Oxfordshire FA are per club and no additional cost is levied for each team.
County Cup fees are per entry per team per Competition.


If you have any questions with regards to Affiliation, please contact the Office Manager via or phone 01993 894400.


Personal Accident Insurance

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