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There are plenty of opportunities for you to put your refereeing skills to good use but do you know who to contact?

All registered OFA Referees below Level 4 have a choice as to which leagues they officiate on, except those aged 14/15 and then they can only referee age groups younger than their own age ie only on the youth leagues.  All referees are encouraged to referee a minimum of 10 games per season and if all OFA Registered referees achieved this every game of 11v 11 or 9v9 would be covered by a qualified referee which has to be good for football in the county.

Below is a list of all the leagues in Oxfordshire, along with timings as to when these leagues generally play their fixtures as well as contact details of their Appointment Secretaries.  Most leagues are short of qualified referees and so if you are looking for a game, even on the day of the fixture Appointment Secretaries will always welcome your call- so don’t delay contact someone today!

Oxfordshire FA affiliated Open Age leagues

Oxfordshire Senior League (referee level restrictions apply on some divisions) 
Normal Playing Time:  Saturday pm
Appointment Secretary:  Brian Kirk
Contact details:   01865-891088 

Banbury District & Lord Jersey
Normal Playing Time:  Saturday pm
Appointment Secretary:  Stuart Haden 
Contact details:  07979043275 bdljfareferee@hotmail.com

Oxford City FA
Normal Playing Time;  Saturday pm
Appointment Secretary:  Daryl Ridgley 
Contact details:   07865 062028 

Witney & District FA
Normal Playing Time:  Saturday pm
Appointment Secretary:  Ralph Davies 
Contact details:    07790 348171 
Banbury Sunday Morning League
Normal Playing Time;  Sunday AM
Appointment Secretary:  Dave Bridger
Contact details:   07957 671073 

Upper Thames Valley Sunday League (affiliated to B&B FA but has numerous OFA teams)
Normal Playing Time:  Sunday AM
Appointment Secretary:  Tim Siret
Contact details:   07745301244 timsiret@hotmail.co.uk

Upper Thames Valley Women's League (affiliated to B&B FA but has numerous OFA teams)
Normal Playing Time:  Sunday PM
Appointment Secretary:  Tom Munt
Contact details:   07743151098 


Oxfordshire FA affiliated Youth Leagues

Oxfordshire FA Invitation League (Under 16,17 & 18's leagues)
Normal Playing Time:  Sunday PM
Appointment Secretary:  Paul Lyon (Oxford area)
Contact details:   07876682501 
Bill Coutts (Witney area) 

Oxford Mail Youth League
Normal Playing Time;  Saturday AM and Sunday PM
Appointment Secretary:  Paul Lyon 
Contact details:   07876682501 

Oxford Mail Girls League
Normal Playing Time:  Saturday AM and Sunday PM
Appointment Secretary:  Ryan Pitson 
Contact details:   07757 931568 

Witney & District Youth League
Normal Playing Time:  Saturday AM and Sunday PM
Appointment Secretary:  Bill Coutts 
Contact details:   07813545369 

Remember every weekend there are games played in Oxfordshire without a qualified referee so an Appointments Secretary will always welcome your call.  However, if you cannot contact one of the above for any reason or would like some advice on which leagues would best suit your needs then please contact the Workforce Manager by clicking here.

Also if you would like more information on becoming a referee then please click here

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