The Future of the OFA

Throughout March 2017 we travelled around the County, hosting a series of roadshow events, to allow our members to meet with us and have their say on football in Oxfordshire.

During the events we covered many topics, including; Funding, Whole Game System, Player Registrations, Discipline and Course Education.

We also discussed the County FA proposal to restructure the way it is governed; moving from the current FA Council structure to a more inclusive system which will allow you, our members, to be more involved in the way we make decisions for the future of football in this county.

The decision to change the organisation’s governance structure has come from the realisation that, in order to ensure we meet the needs of our members and also serve our wider community as a whole, we must change the way we operate.

Historically, the OFA has been governed by a Council made up of elected representatives from four divisions. Over the years, less people have come forward to stand for election under our current structure which has ultimately led to the process becoming static, with same groups of people continue to represent the interests of all people and football in Oxfordshire.

As a group, the Council members made the progressive decision that changes need to be made to ensure that football continues to thrive in Oxfordshire. That to move forward, we need to embrace change and do more to meet the needs of our diverse and ever changing communities, providing opportunities for anyone to participate in the game in whatever role they choose, regardless of culture, gender, faith or nationality.

The new structure, which will be an agenda item for approval at our Annual General Meeting on 5th July this year, provides a greater opportunity for people in our community to get involved in helping shape the future of football in Oxfordshire by allowing them to join focus groups targeted at specific areas of the game.

There are no elections, just groups of individuals who have a passion for a specific area of the game and a willingness and desire to help us make changes for the benefit of football in this county. To help us provide opportunities where there is a need and to be at the forefront of what is going to be an challenging yet exciting journey over the coming years.

We have already made positive steps in this direction with the formation of an Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG). The group of local people works with us to provide advice and support on how we can better meet the needs of our diverse communities by providing individuals, groups and organisations with opportunities to participate in football.

To find out more about the proposal, including the format of the new structure and how it links in with the rest of the organisation please click on the image, below.

If you would like to express your interest in being part of this exciting new era in local football where you will have real opportunities to make a difference in your local community please fill out our Expression of Interest Form, online, by clicking here.

Additionally, at the end of this article you will find a list of questions that were asked at our roadshow events in Banbury, Henley, Chinnor, Witney and Oxford.
We have tried to answer all of these questions to the best of our ability. However, if there is anything we have missed, or you have any further enquiries as a result of our answers, please email and we will do our best to help.


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