Fair Play Tables

After its success last year, Oxfordshire FA are bringing back the countywide Fair Play Tables. Having been introduced last season, it was decided that the Fair Play tables should be published again to recognise and reward adult teams in Oxfordshire FA Sanctioned leagues for good behaviour, based on their discipline records.

This initiative was one of a series of plans implemented last season as we looked to continue working together with our clubs and leagues to promote the key messages of The FA’s Respect programme, whilst also tackling a negative perception of behaviour in the game.

Throughout the season, the top teams in every adult league division with the fewest discipline points will be recognised and the teams that finish top come the end of the season will receive a £100 voucher to be used at Discount Football Kits.

To see who's top the table in your division, please click on the relevant link to your league:

discipline points

The Fair Play Tables are updated bi-monthly and are determined by team's disciplinary records which are currently based on a points system, dependant on the type of offence. The offences and the subsequent penalty points received for each are explained in detail below.


1 Point for each offence (with the exception of cautions for Dissent which will attract 2 Points).

sending offs
5 Points
6 Points
7 Points
3 Points
4 Points
3 Points
misconduct charges
5 points minimum per case, subject to any increase by the Disciplinary Commission.