Setting Up A Club

Most football is played at a local level for enjoyment, fitness and social benefits. Setting up a new club doesn’t have to be a daunting task as help is on hand from Oxfordshire FA.

Before considering setting up a new club or team take into account the following;

•Are there enough potential playing members to be able to field a full side regularly
•Are there enough willing volunteers to take care of the organisational side e.g. officers and committee
•Do you know where you are going to play

To be able to participate in organised football or play in leagues, you must affiliate to your County FA.  This isn’t a difficult task and we can provide step by step advice.

We have produced a guide to help volunteers set up a new club.  This guide includes information about identifying football pitches to developing coaches and recruiting players.   


Oxfordshire FA have secured funding to help develop new teams, this can be found on our Funding page.

Below are a number of useful documents that will support you on your journey to becoming a new club.

Should you require any information about forming a new club please contact the Development Team on 01993 778586 or email

Downloadable Documents:

Funding for Football
Your Game

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