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All clubs are looking to recruit or retain in some way, whether it’s creating new teams, or to keep current teams at the club.

This page has some useful guides for clubs on how to recruit and retain players of all ages and genders.

School Club Links

For clubs with youth teams, or looking to start youth teams, our School Club Links Guide will walk you through the process, from coming up with what your club wants from the link, to approaching the school(s), and putting together an agreement.

A School Club Link can be made at any age group, and with any type of educational institution, from infant school, through to university.

School Club Links Guide


Player Recruitment Guide

This guide will help your club with the recruitment of players, whether you’re looking for individuals, or for a new team. It contains a variety of techniques and methods, so that you can pick the ones that may work best for the age and gender of player you’re looking for.

Player Recruitment Guide

We want to support you in your search for players, so if you have any more questions regarding School Club Links and and Player Recruitment, please contact: 

Sarah Wood, Football Development Manager (Adult and female football) on 01993 894405 or, alternatively, please contact James Shiplee, Football Development Officer (Youth Football) on 01993 894403

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