FA Club Mentor Programme

What is Oxfordshire FA’s Club Mentoring Programme?

The Oxfordshire FA Club Mentoring Programme is a major investment in to the grassroots coaches within FA Charter Standard Clubs.

Five FA Mentors will work with clubs across Oxfordshire and offer up to 50 hours of free mentoring.  The role of the FA Mentors is to support coaches in their personal development and enable them to become better coaches.  The aim is to support a coaching workforce not only in their training sessions but also how they translate their coaching into match day situations.  The programme is open to all FA Licensed Coaches.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is about supporting and encouraging coaches to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the coach they want to be.

Mentoring is:
• Developmental
• Holistic
• Focused on the other coaches needs
• Solution focused
• Long term

Mentoring is not:
• Fixing
• Defined by narrow outcomes
• One or two quick visits
• An older and wiser head telling you what to do

Mentoring involves considerably more than merely passing on ‘survival tips’ or ‘tricks of the trade’ or even caring about coaches well-being. Rather, its promise lies in ‘its capacity to foster an inquiring stance, which has the potential to inform insightful learning, particularly in relation to understanding the holistic and complex nature of coaching’.

A mentoring programme will only work if clubs and coaches choose to be part of the programme.

Learn more about the programme through The FA's latest video

What will the FA Club Mentors Do?

The mentoring support for each club will differ as this will be determined by the needs of the grassroots coaches, however the Club Mentors will work with a number of identified coaches or groups of coaches to:

• Empower them to be a critical thinker in relation to their coaching styles and interventions
• Further develop key skills such as listening, questioning, reflecting and  target setting
• Value difference, creativity and demand inclusion for all
• Establish collaborative ways of working
• Critically reflect on their own approach and adopt other approaches based on the requirements of their players

How to get involved?

The programme is open to any FA Licensed Coach or Charter Standard Club who wants support in their development.  We are looking to work with additional Charter Standard Clubs moving into next season.  For more information please contact Sarah Wood on 01993 894405.

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