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Charter Standard
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The FA Charter Standard programme allows clubs to provide evidence of good practice and aims to reward organisations who demonstrate a commitment to raising standards in club administration, coaching, safeguarding children.

What is Charter Standard?

As a benchmark for quality, the Charter Standard programme will inevitably improve the playing experience for all.

There are three levels to the Charter Standard; Club, Development and Community. As you progress, you will receive additional benefits and rewards. 

Club level is the basic level of Charter Standard. Regardless of the size of your club or whether you only have adult or youth teams, you can still apply. Any club can become Charter Standard.

Development level shows that the club has an enthusiasm and commitment to player and club development. This development is shown through a three year Development Plan put together by the club.
Community level is the highest level that a club can obtain. Similar to Development level, only you show the development through a five year Development Plan. Also, clubs are seen as a local hub within their community offering football for all.

Each stage requires clubs to meet varying levels of criteria. Find out more about the Charter Standard criteria here.


Once you become Charter Standard, you will receive free Nike footballs every year and have access to apply for a brand new Nike kit. We offer Charter Standard discount prices on our FA Coach Education courses; you can also receive funding to create new teams. On top of all this, you will receive dedicated support from the Football Development Team and have access to a Club Mentor – improving the quality of your coaches to impact on the players.

Why don’t you start to take advantage of these excellent benefits on offer?

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Annual Health Check

Each year Charter Standard clubs will be required to complete a Health Check to ensure clubs are maintaining the standards of the programme. This will help clubs to see their volunteers and the qualifications they have. It will also show any gaps that a team may have outstanding.

Charter Standard Clubs are required to complete their Health Check and submit it by the 31st of March. Annual Health Checks are to be completed online via the Whole Game Portal. This can be completed by 4 eligible people in the club; Chairman, Treasurer, Welfare Officer or Charter Standard Coordinator. To log into the Whole Game Portal, please click here.

Charter Standard Discipline Process

The Charter Standard Discipline Process is in place to help ensure that clubs are adhering to the high levels of Charter Standard. The process has been changed to be more effective and now contains team offences as well as club offences.

There are a number of different charges which are accounted for in the process, with 4 different thresholds.

When thresholds are met, the relevant action will be taken with the club. All of the details about what offences are part of the process and the types of sanction can all be found below.

Next Steps – How to apply

If you are reading this section, you are probably wondering how you can get Charter Standard status. Well, good news - it is really easy and simple.

We have application forms at the end of the page for you to complete.  For information and support with your application form please contact or contact Kimberley Connor on 01993 894405.
If you are already a Charter Standard club and want to achieve a higher level – we want to hear from you! Please contact us at to get support when completing a Football Development Plan and receive any further support you require.
There are a number of FA templates and policies to support your Charter Standard application. These can be found below.


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